Cultural heritage ignored..

Following are some of the photographs my friends took on a trip to the rural area in district Dadu’s taluka Johi. The area is famous as ‘Kaccho’ (ڪاڇو). There are hundreds of such historical sites that need immediate attention of the archeology department to take some urgent steps in order to preserve this precious heritage:

A small tomb-like structure, one of the many like structures

in the graveyard (at Johi) locally known as Butta Qubba (Topless Tombs).

Some graves in pathetic state … one shower will be enough

to destroy them completely!!

An interior view from within a tomb

A topless tomb!

An overview of the Butta Qubba (Topless Tombs) graveyard

at Johi (district Dadu)

: : :

The government should take an immediate notice of this and many other historical sites being ignored in rural areas of Sindh; otherwise, we would not be able to claim to have many cultural things left..



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One thought on “Cultural heritage ignored..

  1. The govt. is really very ignorant and careless in this regard. Even Moen jo Darro is facing the same pathetic situation.
    The Pakistani nation will soon (God forbid!) be bereaved of any cultural heritage.

    Keep posting!

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