Anti-Sindhi policies of Karachi educational institues – what will the new govt do?

Everyone’s familiar with how Sindhis are being treated in government intitutes, in general, and in educational institutes, in particular. They have obvious anti-Sindhi policies, bcoz of which many Sindhis are not able to seek admission in any of the college and institutes. Where even Pathans and Punjabis are easily enrolled in universities, Sindhis, the only owner of the land, are flatly refused admissions. What is that?

In these elections, PPP won in Sindh bcoz Sindhis are now tired of and disappointed at such brutal policies and thought that PPP would come to give them relief.. that they would be able to enjoy going ahead in professional life in Karachi.. that PPP will make it possible for Sindhis to get admission in colleges and universities of Karachi. I, myself, have been a victim of such biased policies and had to go to different people to get admission in Karachi University. Yes, they rejected my forms, albeit all the requirements were fulfilled.

I would strongly put it forward to the new elected government to put this issue on top and take effective steps to make the policies conducive for Sindhis getting admission in Karachi.

Demand for the immediate release of Dr Safdar Sarki and others

This is the unedited text of an email by the World Sindhi Congress, that I received today
I strongly support this demand:
London, March 24th, 2008
World Sindhi Congress formally demands Mr. Yusuf Raza Gillani –Pakistan‘s new Prime Minister– the immediate release of Dr. Safdar Sarki, American-Sindhi human rights campaigner currently under custody of Pakistani intelligence agencies.  Dr. Sarki was kidnapped on 24 Feb 2006 by Pakistani agency personnel from his residence in Karachi. He remained missing for about 20 months and was eventually produced due to strong pressure of the Chief Justice Supreme Court. He was immediately arrested on fabricated charges and has since been in detention. The torture inflicted upon him during this time has severely deteriorated his health and places his life in danger.  Jail authorities have failed to provide Dr. Sarki with appropriate medical treatment and refuse to allow his release on bail, directly disobeying local court orders. Due to this brazen disobedience and the conditions to which he is subjected to, WSC holds Pakistani authorities responsible for the health and safety of Dr. Sarki.
“Late Benazir Bhutto demanded Dr Sarki’s release on numerous occasions during her election campaign days, and it is now the responsibility of the new PPP leadership to ensure the release of Dr. Sarki.  Mr. Gillani himself has suffered torture and false imprisonment unjustly; he must understand the pain of illegal custody and the immediacy required in Dr. Sarki’s release. “Why wait one more day, Mr. Gillani must order his release today.” said Dr Haleem Bhatti, Chairperson of WSC.
The International community including US officials and major international media has asked for Dr Sarki’s release. Dr. Sarki’s wife and two teenager sons live in US under great emotional and financial ordeal.
 “If Mr. Gillani can announce the release of the Judges, he can also announce the release of Dr Sarki. He has been granted bail on all charges, even when these charges were fabricated to begin with.” commented A R Kakepoto, the Organizer of US Chapter of WSC. Furthermore, Dr. Sarki’s release by Mr. Gillani would prove his commitment to the ‘restoration of democracy’, which he has begun with the reinstatement of the detained judges.
WSC also demands that Baluch and Sindhi political activists including Akhtar Mengal, Nawaz Zaour, Muzaffar Bhutto and hundreds other be released immediately, as a first step toward a more democratic country.
About The World Sindhi Congress (WSC): WSC is based in the UK, USA, Canada, and Sindh and is one of the most prominent human rights advocacy organizations for Sindh and Sindhis. The main objective of WSC is to create a better understanding within the international community about the persecuted status of Sindhis in Pakistan and about the Sindhi people’s struggle for human rights, including the right to self-determination. WSC is a registered company in the UK and the state of California, USA, and is organized to carry out non-profit activities. For more information, visit
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