Anti-Sindhi policies of Karachi educational institues – what will the new govt do?

Everyone’s familiar with how Sindhis are being treated in government intitutes, in general, and in educational institutes, in particular. They have obvious anti-Sindhi policies, bcoz of which many Sindhis are not able to seek admission in any of the college and institutes. Where even Pathans and Punjabis are easily enrolled in universities, Sindhis, the only owner of the land, are flatly refused admissions. What is that?

In these elections, PPP won in Sindh bcoz Sindhis are now tired of and disappointed at such brutal policies and thought that PPP would come to give them relief.. that they would be able to enjoy going ahead in professional life in Karachi.. that PPP will make it possible for Sindhis to get admission in colleges and universities of Karachi. I, myself, have been a victim of such biased policies and had to go to different people to get admission in Karachi University. Yes, they rejected my forms, albeit all the requirements were fulfilled.

I would strongly put it forward to the new elected government to put this issue on top and take effective steps to make the policies conducive for Sindhis getting admission in Karachi.

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2 thoughts on “Anti-Sindhi policies of Karachi educational institues – what will the new govt do?

  1. I agree with you that Sindhis are really ignored in this biased country. Though not a Sindhi, my sympathies are with Sindhis and Sindh. I support every step taken for welfare of Sindhis; I denounce evcery malicious setp taken as a bid to harm Sindh or Sindhi people…

    Keep posting, I will be visiting!

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