… because of Pakistan

On my way to my office at Clifton (an advertising agency), I’ve to go from Korangi Road where I turn from Defense Morr and go to the office crossing Punjab Chorangi. There’s a sign board on the pavement exactly in front of Defense Garden appartments. The board has been place by the Clifton Cantt. people. You know why I’m so interested in that? Coz it has a message written on it, and that says:

Our present status is due to Pakistan.

I always say a big ‘YES‘ to the above words… Poverty, Unemployment, Corruption, Land of Sindh being given away as charity to ghundaas, our people being ‘kidnapped’ by the agencies, in a word, our ‘present status’ is because of dear Pakistan.

What would you say?

(By the way, is there any problem with the structure of the above stated sentence?) ;)

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What is your opinion on this?

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