Difference b/w Male & Female Brains ;)

I had found the following illustration in 2002 or 2003 in a newsletter of some medicine manufacturing company. Found it really funny. Kept it for my personal record of cuttings and snippets. Was flipping through the pages in the record last night and took this out to share with you people. Hope you like it: :p


By the way, how far do you agree??

Me?? Uh, well.. I mean females are…. mmm, u know, kinda… Forget it, yaar. Tell me what do you think?

[I'm sorry for not being able to locate the source of the illustration.]

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3 thoughts on “Difference b/w Male & Female Brains ;)

  1. I’m a female hahaaha, I personally am not anything like the female brain illustrates, but for about 97% of the world yeahh:P
    I laughed when I saw thiss, it’s hilarious:P

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