Aseen je muaasin safar men, o saathi!

There is a small town one my way to Hyderabad/Karachi when I’m coming from Johi (Dadu)… The name of the town is Jamshoro. It has the credit of being home to three major universities of Sindh, viz. University of Sindh, Liaquat University of Medical and Health Sciences (LUMHS), and Mehran University of Engineering and Technology (MUET). These universities attract the best part of the students from Sindh and the rest of Pakistan. Besides, many students from other countries as well. I remember a friend from Syria, Khalid bin Waleed.

Well, coming to the point, these universities are the places which produce the ‘leaders’ as well as many technical people who served and are serving in different walks of life. The area I want to focus is Politics… I have something to tell you.

The nationalist movement for Sindhu Desh started from Sindh University when Sain G M Syed founded Jiey Sindh Students’ Federation or (JSSF).

As far as the campus of Sindh University is concerned, it’s magical… esp. the Art’s Faculty, the Heart of Sindh University, as it’s famous among the students. I have spent two years pursuing a graduation degree in English Literature and I can’t forget the mild mornings of the campus… and the charming evenings of hostels. Hostels have a world of their own… isolated from the hullabaloo of the outer world… Though quite dry and ‘tasteless’ as it may seem because there are only boys all around, it’s not. The evenings of hostel and going to Jamshoro for having dinner (the food at hostel canteens is…. uh, well… i hope u understand.) walking on the paths through different departments and the girls’ hostels of LUMHS (hmm!) in the romantic time of evening are simply unforgettable!! This bcms even more pleasurable when it’s drizzling there…

In a word, Sindh University is a perfect world per se…

Among its other aspects, it also has, like other universities, political parties involved in their activities which, most of the people believe, are harmful for the students’ studies. The major part is of nationalist politics or ‘qaom parast siyaasat’. As KU has APMSO and Jamiat as the two major parties, Sindh University has JSSF (Jiey Sindh Students’ Federation), student wing of JSQM (Jiey Sindh Qaomi Mahaz). Whatever the party has done or has done not, it has always resisted the establishment’s anti-Sindh policies. This resistance has even resulted in many deaths of the party members… the number is in hundreds. The ruthlessness against this party has always been severely strong… particularly in the days of anyf military dictator.

One such unfortunate incident happened in the days of Zia-ul-Haq on October 17, 1984

A point of students of Sindh University was coming back from Sehwan Sharif after paying homage to the great Sufi saint and poet, Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai on his ‘Urs’. They crossed the Lucky Mountain Range, part of Khirthar Mountain Range and reached at a small railway junction, Torrhi Phaatak, where they met some dogs of Zia… fojis! They stopped the point and dragged some students out.

They made them stand in a row… One foji aimed the gun at them… What followed was the sound of four shots that echoed in the air for long… and, then, there were some moments of deadening silence!!

Following are some pics which I took recently at the yaadgar of the Martyrs of Torrhi Phaatak:

It reads: Jiey Sindh – Maqtal Gaah – Shaheedan-e-Torrhi Phaatak – October 17, 1984 – 1. Shaheed Muhammad Zakriya, 2. Shaheed Abdul Maalik Khushk Baloch, 3. Shaheed Amanullah Wistrro, 4. Shaheed Mitthu Buledi Baloch, 5. Shaheed Muhammad Anwar Abbassi.

It’s me…

The proposed flag of Sindhu Desh

This is only one of the thousands of incidents where Sindhis have been killed by the establishment… Reason? They want autonomy of Sindh.. They want the establishment to fulfill its promise made when the movement for creation of Pakistan was there. (By the way, isn’t it strange that the person who first passed the resolution of Pakistan from Sindh Assembly, Sain G M Syed, became against the being of Pakistan and pioneered the Sindhi nationalist politics? Why do you think it happened? Do question the ‘lovers of Pakistan’… the unique country on the face of the earth!)

That’s what is done to the people of Sindh every now and then… yet they ask why most Sindhis are anti-establishment, or anti-Pakistan!!??

The sound heard on October 17 was not a song of a virgin that it may have lasted for long implying it was not there after ‘long’… it still reverberates in the airs of Sindh…

(The title of the post is a line from Akash Ansari’s nazm with the same title, and it means ‘if we die, o friend!, on our way to destination…’)

15 thoughts on “Aseen je muaasin safar men, o saathi!

  1. It is, therefore, necessary to disintegrate Pakistan if we want to collapse the terrorists’ network altogether. Unless we destroy the root cause of the whole terrorism tree, we will not be able to eliminate terrorism from the region which has been transformed into a centralized processing unit working under an integrated system not conveniently accessible unless Pakistan is divided in at least four parts. It is essential to divide the northern part of Pakistan into two countries that is Punjabistan and Pakhtoonistan. The Punjabistan will be on the eastern side and the present province of Punjab can be converted into Punjabistan while the North West Frontier Province (NWFP) having its borders with Afghanistan should be made another country called Pakhtoonistan. The new Pakhtoonistan will be a country loyal to the international comity of nations and shall not harbor any terrorists within its geography. Punjabistan shall not have any access to terrorist camps now being run by Pakistan Army in Afghanistan and NWFP as Pakhtoonistan will be a hurdle between Afghanistan and Punjabistan. The Pakistan Army mainly belongs to Punjab and hence the creation of Punjabistan and Pakhtoonistan will break the integrated network between Afghanistan and ISI (Pakistan Army).

    On the southern part of Pakistan, one new country Sindhudesh. The Sindhudesh will comprise of Sindhis living & urdu speaking immigrants from India who had migrated from India after partition of 1947. The population of urdu speaking & sindhi speaking community living in Karachi (the main commercial city of Pakistan) is around 15 Million and over all the cities and sorrounding the complete sindh 5.billion peoples. This new country can be a secular state of its own kind. Pakhtoonistan and Punjabistan will have no immediate links with Sindhudesh and as such the terrorist network would not be effective at all. The preaching groups like Tablighi Jamaat (Muslim Preaching Organization based in Raiwind near Lahore-Pakistan) will no more be as effective as now after losing their linkage with their country-wide network. This linkage can only be broken through disintegration of Pakistan. The religious schools called Madressas will no longer be connected with each other. The so-called religious scholars will be confined to their own areas of birth and permanent residence and shall not freely move to other cities in the region presently called Pakistan. Sindhudesh will be a purely secular state with a significant population. We can have permanent airbases of USA and other military set-ups in sindh to keep a sound military control in the region to safeguard the entire humanity from the threats of terrorism.

    The geography of South Asia has to be revised to combat the terrorism and to prevent further loss of lives in the name of Jihad. The region has become very dangerous to spark 3rd world war and if not checked at this hour of need, country like Pakistan, which has attained nuclear technology due to assistance of China, can become dangerous for the whole humanity. Today we have some loyal people in Pakistan Army who would prefer to favor anti-terrorism drive initiated by the Americans. But what about the religious groups within Pakistan Army which are equally responsible in promotion of terrorism in the name of Islamic domination and are still busy to destabilize the international efforts towards the direction of elimination of terrorism altogether. How can such religious groups destroy their own puppet government called Taliban whom they helped right from its inception and are still harboring their leaders and terrorists like Osama Bin Laden. They may come into power and remove General Pervez Musharaf from his present status. What the Americans will do when a more religious-minded foolish army man captures power in Pakistan? Will they think of bringing back of democracy in Pakistan? It will be too late at that time. It is therefore better to act now.

    Pakistan should be divided into five parts as immediately as possible under the supervision of United Nations in the best interest of humanity like PUNJABISTAN, PUKHTOONISTAN,SIRAIKISTAN, BALOCHISTAN AND SINDHUDESH. This would not be any sort of denying any sovereign country of its right to exist. Pakistan is comprised of five nations and there is no problem in giving these nations their new countries to enable them to have a more realistic identity of their own. This is necessary to eliminate the roots of terrorism completely. This geo-political surgery has become inevitable to save the humanity from the cruel hands of terrorists who will come again to strike and they have no other place to hide and conspire but Pakistan

  2. Dear Hakim Ali,
    Let’s hope for a safer and happier future: free from all types of terrorist activities! And may we see Sindhudesh prosperous as wished for by Shah ABdul Latif Bhittai in the following lines:

    Saaiim, sadaaiin kareen mathhy Sindh sukaar,
    Dost mittha dildar, aalam sabh aabad kareen!


    Btw, found the similar text on a couple of other sites as well:

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