I know not what ‘artificiality’ is…

How’s this one? Went for a ‘photo-shoot’ with friends and grabbed a snap of this guy. Cant u see his ‘natural’ expressions.. so pure!



Ah, come again, please? What? U need the complete pic? :)

I mean, really? :)

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5 thoughts on “I know not what ‘artificiality’ is…

  1. Saiin Fariha, :)

    Thnx for luving my blog. Actually ur words, honestly, inspire me to write and, especially, post pix like this one. Aen twhanje blog je khushi main twhan ji address panhjy blogroll main tho add kayan :)

    btw, complete pic khapy awhan khy? :)

  2. I somehow recognize that kid…

    His eyeys….so many dreams…yet…doesn’t know what they mean…

    what could be…will never be…is the feeling…there is not even hope…cos nobody told him that he had a choice to hope and change things…oh the misery of it…

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