Eid Mubarak – in advance!


Made this card for my organization.

And, yes. Eid mubarak to all of you :)

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26 thoughts on “Eid Mubarak – in advance!

  1. @all
    Thank you all for liking the card.

    Actually, what I like about the card is ‘harmony’ between the image and the poem by Frost, one of my fav. poets of English language. And, I hope, many of you know that the image is a wallpaper of Windows (I don’t remember which edition).

    What WordPress has done for me has made it possible for the screen to ‘fill up with snow’ :) And if you noticed, the snow gathers on your taskbar after falling :) See!
    Thank you, WordPress!

    Welcome to ‘møsaic’; keep coming back.

  2. What a lovely card this is! Reminded me of the good ol days of school when we used to learn to comprehend and paraphrase this poem.

    Hope your eid went well! :-)

  3. Oh wow! Beautiful card, loved the snow fall! :D

    And that is my absolute favorite poem of all times, in fact I’m sure I had put it up on my blog sometime. It’s just such a beautiful poem. I’m amazed at its beauty every time I read it

  4. @TheScribbler
    Soon :)

    Hmm :)

    Thnx… and yes, a splendid work – in fact, Frost has given marvelous pieces!

    @All new comers
    Welcome to møsaic :)

  5. @Ash
    Welcome to møsaic!

    Ur comment’s left me puzzled!
    I mean is the connexion between the two: how does being a Sindhi imply that I wouldn’t like Muhammad Bin Qasim.. I mean why?

    BTW, I can defeat your comment only by quoting my teachers who taught me Social Studies & Islamiyat: they had to praise Bin Qasim for at least two minutes before uttering his name :) – yes, both Sindhi! :)

  6. Muhammad Bin Qasim came to capture some Saidanis (Syedas) who came to Sindh to seek refuge here from the Umayyads. Raja Dahir gave them refuge.

    MBQ captured the Saidanis and sent them back to Hajjaj Bin Yousuf as a “gift”. Upon reaching Hajjaj, they revealed that they were all married. Hearing this, Hajjaj ordered MBQ to be brought to him tied in animal skin. When he reached Hajjaj, he was dead.

    Source: Jab Maine Dekha by M.G. Syed. Book is taught in M.A. Pak Studies.

  7. @Ash
    This link might interest you: http://indus.usask.ca/~jamali/sindh/story/node8.html OR, alternatively, click here: http://www.freesindh.org/sindhstory/Truth_about_Dahir_Sen.html I hope things will get clarified for you.

    And, btw, do not read much of the ‘official’ histories found in the texbooks :) According to them Quaid-e-Azam was born in Karachi (Nice joke!)

    And, yes, if Sindhis ‘hate’ Bin Qasim, it was only because he was yet another invader for Sindh.. And we do love our homeland more than we do anything else.

    BTW, Ghalib said, ‘rekhty k tum hi nahi~ ho ustad, Ghalib! – Kehte hain agly zamany main koi Meer bhi tha!’ So, it’s not only me who prefers ‘homeland’ over religion, there are hundreds; Read this and view the results of the poll: http://mespeaks.wordpress.com/2008/10/22/homeland-or-religion/

    Finally, do read wat SAWJ said.

    To be true, I AM a ‘GMist’… I’m his follower, simply!
    And, the name of the Sindhi book is “Jeean Ditho Aahy Muun” (lit. As I have Seen) from which you have cited facts. And the name is not M. G. Syed, but G M Syed (his full name was Syed Ghulam Murtaza) – the founder of Jiey Sindh movement.

    Adding your link :)

  8. Its amazing how you people change history over the course of years. Now Mohammad Bin Qasim was bad and Raja Dahir was a better. Shocking!

    If Mohammad Bin Qasim didnt conquer sindh then you would all have been hindu’s now. I guess that is the reason you hate him. I trust the history I read more than your dramatized history which has been fabricated over the years.

    Shia’ have tendency to influence everything with their false accounts.So you can keep your history , your knowledge limited to your majalis-e-shirk.

    I am a sunni and I believe in the kalma Rasool brought not your customized kalma or azaan…
    thank you

  9. @Ash: Do you even know what Kalma means, Lallu Ram? You’re not a Sunni, you’re a dumbass, that’s what you are. And we have not changed history, it’s all written in books, yours and ours. But you don’t want to acknowledge this simple fact and just keep on living in your own small world. Why don’t you join Al-Qaeda?

    @Aamir: Sorry man, MG was a typo. I wanted to write GM. And you’re right, the book is “Jaisa Maine Dekha”. Where’s the link? :P

  10. @Ash

    For the sake of solving the ‘problem’, let’s exclude Raja Daahir for the moment – forget whether he was good or bad. A simple statement: Bin Qasim was not good. (Simple and light words for you :) )

    And, just do one thing: Ask any of knowledgeable person from your sect: ‘Where did our* Kalima come from? And where did the one Shia say come from?’(*our refers to Sunni.)

    And, know any other English word than the family of ‘farbicate’?

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