Good to be with you,
With you in a grassy meadow.
‘it was good to look for the streams of harmony,
Good to try to find out a shadow.
As to take refuge from the hell,
You asked to flee away from this evil world,
To a place so serene and calm
Where loving are animals, loving every bird.
With you, I viewed the life from a different angle
Created a different perspective of universe
Of love, of peace, of life
I got, vague are our actions, ambiguous our gestures.
Ill-mannered we all are! Evil our wishes
Being sincere, I wanna see you in pain
And you wish to see me in trouble
All that we say about ourselves is in vain.
But now, o amigo!, I’m indifferent to this envious world
Let’s make a decision, let’s fly
Let this cruel world on its own,
Let’s get liberated; let’s die! 

I wrote this poem when I was studying at college. (Giving it here ‘as-is’.) It was also published in Young World. I know it doesn’t meet the requirements of feet and meters of English Poetry. :) Read it for fun!

“Enough time..”

The last week has been deadeningly busy for me… No space to have lunch or dinner… Swear!

It’s bad to be busy when it’s NOT your own work and, yet, you have to do it as your own; else, our very caring friends and relatives get sulky for not being caring to them. Now where to go???

I mean one cannot have even time to update one’s blog!! That’s what I think is simply unbearable. But, come what may, I WILL UPDATE MY BLOG…

And I have!

LOL :p

Thousands of Crying Hearts..


Thousands of hearts cry at the time others celebrate their success, achievement, promotion, fulfillment of their wishes, and many things..

One country celebrates their victory; the other is left to cry over misery that the war brought into their lives and devastated them thoroughly… One family celebrates their newly born baby; the other awaits bread to come and satiate them! Some enjoy their Valentines; while, at the same time, many cry over heart-breaking break-ups!

So many instances!!

I would luv to cry with the sobbing hearts than laugh with the rest!

What do U feel? Do scribble in Comments in the blog…


Life is Sadness..

May heart is crying…. No one seems to listen to it!

Yes, this is exactly what I feel at the moment! My life has come to a point where happiness seems to me a Utopian thing. I’m a guy, and I don’t cry b’coz of the traditions… otherwise, if I let out my tears from my eyes, they’re sure to make a pounding sea!!

I cry..

I mean my life has come to a dreadful standstill… Nothing seems moving.. Nothing seems to move towards making my life joyful!

Relationships: that’s the word!

They have the power to make our world an Eden; they have the power to make it worse than Hell!