Sorry MQM, not this time!

So, here comes another not-so-smart trick by MQM - very typical of them! On the one hand, they set Karachi on fire, and on the other, when the whole country protests against this brutal act of the terrorist organization, their ‘Quaid’ (leader) acts to be angry at the party’s members and resigns from the position, and after some time, he withdraws from his decision seeing his members’ emotional appeal. (Remember that this is not the first time that Altaf has done so.)

Why? B’coz the members couldn’t stop the carnage in Karachi, attempting to show that they weren’t, in any way, involved in it and even wanted to stop that unfortunate incident from happening…!!


I mean are they themselves so stupid or they really think that people are so naive that they would believe every bullshit they throw @ people??

Sorry, Altaf Bhai, not this time! Not again!! I thought you were smarter than that…

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