The die is cast

Here comes the decision that almost everybody, in general, and Sindhis, in particular, at least, me, were waiting for: MQM SITS IN THE OPPOSITION!

The main reason MQM gave for not being able to reconcile with PPP is appointment of Mr Shoaib Suddle as IG Sindh. They said they had certain reservations on his appointment in Sindh.

MQM has never objected to anything unless it’s equal to their lasting loss. So, can you guess why would MQM object to Shoaib’s appointment? Need some clues?

Here you are:

  1. Abdullah Shah’s period
  2. Shoaib, IG Sindh, in that period
  3. Hundreds of ‘terrorists’ killed in encounter by Shoaib’s team

By now, you must be able to guess on what grounds MQM opposed Shoaib being in Sindh?

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One thought on “The die is cast

  1. Why do seem so anti-establishment? I hav seen many ppl like u, but they hav got no reasons for being anti-Pak. Sindhis especially are always nationalistic. Pakistan is our country,we shud serve it, not hate it. they hav an issue over urdu as well which is our national language and lingua franca of Pakistan.

    Work for it, it’s your country aslo.

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