The world’s greatest lie is…

…at a certain point in our lives, we lose control of what’s happening to us, and our lives become controlled by fate. That’s the world’s greatest lie.

Paulo Coelho in ‘The Alchemist

This is what I *truly* believe…

Fate is the excuse that has been given to justify (but in vain) the actions that are done to us in this cruel world which, otherwise, are sure to erupt a great revolution that would demolish subtly malicious ‘plans’ of religion that connive in making the ‘fittest’ survive in this material world.. and, so, will let the poor have their due respect in the society…

I know many bloggers who write ‘for’ religion… and even they, themselves, know that they’ve taken their religion for granted… Can’t even ask for clarification of any belief, let alone anything against it… I mean even in this age, man are prevented to think over it, albeit, all the religious scriptures are filled with commands that say ‘Think (critically)’.. ‘Ponder over the Creation’, etc.. Dear bloggers, do write on how the religion supports (potentially) the cruel in the world…

and, lo! we can’t even complain against anything done to us by ‘Fate’!!

(This post should be read in connection with my earlier post about the same topic, which can be found here: What is…)

Author: AamirRaz - عامر راز

Aamir Raz is a freelance writer and has been involved in consultancy for some national and international organizations working in the social development sector. He has also provided consultancy to different organizations and companies for their Social Media presence and campaigns. As a human rights activist, he has also been raising awareness and running online advocacy campaigns for various sociopolitical issues and human rights. Besides, he is also an Author at GlobalVoices Online.

5 thoughts on “The world’s greatest lie is…”

  1. Yes, I believe so.

    It’s the course of History that determines things — events & happenings; successes & failures; wars & truce; victories & defeats… everything: not the so-called FATE.

    Sb dies, thy say ‘this is wat Fate had it for them’; sb is rescued wen thr seemd to be no hope of survival, again thy wud ‘ascribe’ it to Fate..

  2. I know u r *not* satisfied wid my rply… bt, honsetly, i cudnt write an organized rply coz m prparng for my exam… n th ppr’s a bit difficlt: Discourse Analysis, on 23rd.

    ‘Dua karna ppr k liye’… bad main sirf blogging hi blogging!! 😉

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