Nifty Change!

Who noticed that changed header of ‘m ø s a i c‘?? :) Yeah, have changed it.

Actually I cropped the header from a bigger collage that I made using Picasa. Click on the following image to get the full picture.

All the pictures are my own.. All of the simple people from interior Sindh.. Didn’t steal ‘em from anywhere (sm bloggers have plagiarized work on their blogs.. Duh, u knew this? :p ) The girl in the lower right corner of the image is Rida.. my cute cousin!

Download the image and set it as wallpaper on your screen… Looks nice! Try it. Do comment if you like the image..


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11 thoughts on “Nifty Change!

  1. Dear Raz
    This is amzing that u have made a WONDERFUL blog. I really appreciate u efforts and this is very nice that u blog is a remarkable resource to have watch on politics particularly Sindh, with this, I also like the other topics which u added here in your blog.
    hope u would further up date your blog successfully



  2. Adi, rsrch main laGo pyo aahyan.. will change it as soon as i’m able to get a few mmnts… baqi 28 tareekh khan poe ta will change it to be quite beautiful…. not more thn urs, of kors! :)


  3. and trust me, ystrdy i told Fida tht me also didnt like ths new theme… n tht wud change it soon back to the previous one…
    thnx for th reinforcing the idea :)….

    apart from this, want to discuss with u certain things as well…once m don with the bizniz i juz mentiond…

    dua kajO!

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