‘Pakistan Khappy!’ means not ‘We do need Pakistan’

When Mohtarama Benazir Bhutto, one of the most influential political figure of Sindh, in particular, and Pakistan, in general, was assassinated in Rawalpindi, Sindhis, particularly, expressed their sorrow-cum-anger resulting from frustration they had been undergoing since long which literally shuddered the whole of Pakistan. Criticized by some as being the act of anarchy, it showed that Sindh was truly cross at Pakistani establishment and did not want to be a part of it any more, as was witnessed at Garrhi Khuda Bakhsh, Larkana.

Moreover, it was the first time ever that we heard people who (ironically) supported a pro-establishment party, i.e. PPP, chant slogans: ‘Na khappy, na khappy! ~Pakistan na khappy‘ (English: We don’t need Pakistan). Enter the ‘savior’, Mr. Asif Ali Zardari, now the co-chairman of the party! He responded to outraged throng and shouted ‘Pakistan khappy! Pakistan khappy!‘ (English: We do need Pakistan), thus saving Pakistan from being disintegrated (as many argue it would have been otherwise).

But, what we are witnessing today shows exactly the opposite.

One needs not have an MA in Linguistics to understand that no word of any language has only ONE absolute meaning; the word ‘khappy‘, a word of Sindhi, is also no exception and has many other interpretations besides the one taken by many in case of Mr. Zardari’s, what we call in marketing and advertising jargon, USP (Unique Selling Point). (Perhaps, Zardari also had also the same in mind.)

However, Sindhis and the people who can understand Sindhi know that ‘Pakistan khappy‘ can flawlessly be translated to mean ‘Let’s sell Pakistan‘, or more appropriately, ‘Let Pakistan be sold‘, I suppose?. Keeping this interpretation of the phrase with a bit of humorous touch made in a ‘light’ mood by the blogger and the country’s present economic and political situation (read particularly Sindh) in mind, how will you comment on it? How d’you see the country today?

And, to top it all, will Mr. Zardari be successful in his aim of ‘Pakistan Khappy‘? (Please keep the ‘fresh’ interpretation in your innocent mind) :)

Originally posted in a group on Facebook.

7 thoughts on “‘Pakistan Khappy!’ means not ‘We do need Pakistan’

  1. @Saad
    Right… the world famous title for our dear president :)
    Welcome to møsaic!

    @Dr. Malik
    Sir, the point was that the same ‘courageous’ person who ‘saved’ Pakistan (from being disintegrated) is the person who is responsible for havoc – social, economic, political, and, not to forget, judicial – prevailing in the country… Well, how I see it :)

    Your say?

  2. I think one need to go through techniques of propaganda and public relations and then he will find that in most of the cases, celebrities prefer to stick around glittering generalities. Same is the cases every where and we are no different. I think you understand to what I mean!

  3. uh. Not sure i get the political depth of this — though, i got the linguistics. Does that mean i get the politics a bit more? ah well but the humor was good. Im glad i ran into this place while shamelessly self-advertising my own blog everywhere.

    happy blogging!

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