About the Blogger

Born in the lap of Gorakh Hill, I’m nationalist by nature and hold my land, Sindh, above everything else — and everything includes ‘everything’.

I’m many things: a seasonal freelance writer and translator. Social media buff. And, having worked in the social development sector for some years, right now, I’m a struggling entrepreneur trying to balance choices and compulsions. Social Media Enthusiast.

Secular extremist.


23 thoughts on “About the Blogger”

  1. I liked the way me is, I think I will keep coming back. Ada awhn sa milee khushi the. Ma awhn jo blog pahnja blog rol ma shamil kandus. Awhn muhnja puranay blog ta aaya ha, munasib lagay ta haronka blog kha visit kajo ta mahrbani theende. Awhn jo pahnjo, Farrukh

  2. Hi Amir !


    To u these are written in stream of consciousness – but really you have assembled your thoughts in very organized manner!

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