As simple as that..

Here are a couple of images taken in the rural areas of taluka Johi, District Dadu, which will give u an idea of life in the backward areas of Sindh:

Quest for water has never stopped

…ايئن وقت ڪٽيو، ايئن عُمر لُٽي

It’s not judiciary; it’s WATER!

Marooned in the flood water..

There are many aspects.. yet to be revealed. Tell me if you want to know more about the land of Gorakh Hill Station..


Pre-Election Celebrations at Johi

Here is the link to a YouTube video of a cheerful gathering of PPP supporters during election campaign days. Unfortunately, due to certain policies of, I couldn’t embed the video directly on this page; but, I hope you will watch the video and give feedback. By the way, most of the youngsters in the video are my friends.. Miss them!

Click here:

Thanx :)

Map of Johi (Dadu) — my hometown!

Following is the map of Johi (Dadu), my hometown. I love it … I’m extremely emotionally attached to it.. Especially when I’m in a cruel city like Karachi, I miss peace and harmony and life free from every type of fear — of bombs, cell snatching, firing, and all!

Had I not been in pursuit of a career, I would have spent my entire life there enjoying life comparatively closer to nature..
I miss many things related to JOHI.. my friends, my parents, other simple people who are also special not that they’ve remained a part of my life, but, because they live in Johi.. I’ve always reminisced about my care-free school days and charming college life with people here.. Somtimes I feel like running to go to Johi and, at least, get a glimpse of my beloved town!!
We, the Sindhi people, are truly emotional about people who are somehow attached to us and about our land, in particular, and our desh, our Sindh, in general..
This reminds one of Shah’s lines:

”سڄڻ ۽ ساڻيهه، ڪنهن اڻاسيءَ وسرن،

حيف تنينءَ کي هوءِ، وطن جن وساريو!“

Cultural heritage ignored..

Following are some of the photographs my friends took on a trip to the rural area in district Dadu’s taluka Johi. The area is famous as ‘Kaccho’ (ڪاڇو). There are hundreds of such historical sites that need immediate attention of the archeology department to take some urgent steps in order to preserve this precious heritage:

A small tomb-like structure, one of the many like structures

in the graveyard (at Johi) locally known as Butta Qubba (Topless Tombs).

Some graves in pathetic state … one shower will be enough

to destroy them completely!!

An interior view from within a tomb

A topless tomb!

An overview of the Butta Qubba (Topless Tombs) graveyard

at Johi (district Dadu)

: : :

The government should take an immediate notice of this and many other historical sites being ignored in rural areas of Sindh; otherwise, we would not be able to claim to have many cultural things left..